Drainage Design For Adoption

The Section 104 Process

The process for a sewer adoption through a Section 104 Agreement generally consists of:

  • Developer submits a completed application form and suitable drawings to sewerage undertaker for approval before work begins on site
  • Sewerage Undertaker provides technical approval and charge standard fees as set out in Sewers For Adoption 7th Edition
  • The developer enters into a formal agreement, known as a Section 104 Agreement with the sewerage undertaker (usually within 13 weeks of submitting drawings) and then begins building the sewer(s)
  • An inspection team (sewerage undertaker) monitors the works on site and signs off air testing, etc.
  • The developer supplies drawings showing the sewers 'as-built'
  • When the sewers are built and the majority of premises are occupied, the developer requests a joint inspection
  • If the sewers are found to be satisfactory, then the maintenance period- (usually 3 to 12 months) commences
  • A joint final inspection is arranged just before the end of the maintenance period
  • After any remedial works are completed, the sewerage undertaker arranges to adopt the sewers
  • Once adopted the sewers become public sewers and the sewerage undertaker is then responsible for the maintenance and repair.

Sanderson Associates provide a full Section 104 drainage design and submission service for developers and we would be delighted to provide a bespoke quotation to meet your scope and the sewerage undertakers’ standards.

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