Drainage Impact Assessment


Drainage Impact Assessment

Sanderson Associates are able to provide Drainage Impact Assessments as part of your planning application to accompany a Flood Risk Assessment or as a standalone document.

This assessment provides clients with all the base data required to make an informed decision regarding the drainage strategy for the site and any constraints likely to be applied by the governing bodies with regard to drainage of a site or development.

The Drainage Impact Assessment can include:

  • Assessment of existing drainage infrastructure to establish accurate current rates of surface water and foul run off from a site. (This is a critical service we provide as this rate of discharge forms the basis of the proposed drainage design and attenuation required on site)
  • Assessing capacity and suitability of existing drainage systems to accommodate additional flows
  • Mitigation measures for construction and detailed design should the development be in a groundwater source protection zone
  • Calculation of existing Greenfield or Agricultural runoff rates
  • Preliminary assessment of storm water attenuation requirements and volumes
  • Determination of foul and surface water run off generated by new developments
  • Consultation service to sewerage undertaker to establish acceptable rates of discharge and points of outfall for both foul and surface water
  • The preliminary design and viability of sustainable drainage techniques, including soakaways, swales, ponds, attenuation tanks, on line and off line piped storage

Sanderson Associates has produced many Drainage Impact Assessments for all types of development including residential, commercial and retail developments of all sizes. We provide this service for sites throughout the UK.

Require Assistance with Drainage Design?

Sanderson Associates have enjoyed over 34 years in business, our experienced Drainage Design engineers have produced designs for a variety of developments throughout the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland.

We would be pleased to provide you with our competitive fee proposal to provide you with our Drainage Design Services, please call us on 01924 844080 or click here to complete our secure online form.

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